How to make the perfect tea hamper this Christmas in 7 simple steps

If you fancy putting something together yourself for a tea lover in your life, then I thought I’d show you how, thanks to the team at Bluebird Tea Company. Love these guys, first met them on the front lawn at Vale House when they were just starting out, and been great to watch just how many great new ideas they’ve had since. Here’s how to do it:


How to start off the perfect tea hamper

First select your container. This was a great wicker tray, or you could use something like a nice wooden tray (multi purpose, perfect for carrying tea back to bed). You probably need some kind of shred or tissue to stop things rolling around and make it all look pulled together.


Add your choice of tea to your hamper

Now add in your main items, in this case two different teas. There’s the Snowball, which is a black tea with coconut, chocolate and mini marshmallows, and the Gingerbread Chai, which is back by popular demand. I can just make a cup of this and sniff it, and it smells like Christmas in the kitchen.

See More :


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